Class Descriptions


Basic yoga


This basic class is for anyone who wants to practice yoga.  This class will include centering and breath work, postures which warm up the body, postures that create flexibility and space in the body, and postures that create heat, strength, and energy.  We will move through sitting and standing postures that will involve the entire body, and use the breath to guide the movement and create space in the body and allow the mind to relax.  You will come away from the class feeling like your body and mind have been lovingly massaged.  Modifications can be made for any posture.  All levels are welcome.




This class will blend the flow of a vinyasa style class with holding and stretching poses.  This class will allow you to grow your practice.  While you will be presented with challenges, this practice is for all levels. Modifications will be given for all poses.


Foundations Flow


A foundational vinyasa flow class for those wanting a basic flow class. In this class you will flow through several sequences with a chance to flow on your own. Great for beginners, but seasoned yogis will like this class as well


Gentle Yoga


This a class with a softer approach. We practice floor stretches and incorporate standing poses, linking poses together with limited getting up and down. This class may incorporate gentle sun salutations. A great way to connect with your breath and body. We may also use Myofascial Release along with stretching to heal and open the body. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners wanting something a little more gentle. 


Power Vinyasa


This heart pumping vinyasa style class will leave your full body worked, toned, stretched, and released. This is a high intensity yoga flow class as the perfect way to start your day!  Leave your mat feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to take on anything the day throws your way!  Some yoga experience is recommended, but newbies can join as well. This fall we’ll focus on anterior core strength, crow pose, to empower new beginnings, let go, and take chances- and for flexibility we will be focusing on (my favorites) hips and hamstrings.



Power Yoga


Immersed with pushups, arm balances, and inversions, this challenging class will take you into the unknown. Students will be guided through a sequence of poses to build strength and stamina. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated with energy. Recommended for experienced students.




Slow Flow classes are fun and challenging! We will refine beginner poses and introduce intermediate/advanced poses. We will focus on linking poses with breath to create a moving meditation. This class assumes that you are familiar with the basics and moves at a quicker pace. Flow is great for those who like to move and groove.



Yin yasa


A soothing fusion of vinyasa and yin yoga.  The first 30 minutes we'll slowly flow through a series of postures to lengthen and strengthen. The last 30 minutes we'll utilize that heat and relax using only gravity to improve flexibility through long holding yin postures. Some yoga experience is recommended, but all are welcome as modifications will be offered. 


Yoga Sculpt


Through body weight strength exercises, we will give you the opportunity to strengthen and lengthen your full body and ease your mind. Light weights will be implemented to challenge you to tone and strengthen your body and your mind! This class will be accessible to the beginning yogi and the fitness fanatic alike, with modifications and options available to all skill sets. Leave your mat feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to take on anything the day throws your way!





This class focuses on stretches that are used to releases tight muscles and fascia.  Foam rollers and tennis balls are used throughout the class.