nstantly transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our 100% natural pina colada lip balm. Organic virgin coconut oil lends natural creamy coconut flavor, while soothing lips. Other ingredients include vitamin E, beeswax and organic flavor (100% natural ingredients). .15 oz. tube.


Lemon flavor combines with rich vanilla and the naturally creamy taste of organic virgin coconut oil to create a flavor like a delicious lemon cookie. Softens and moisturizes lips. Also contains vitamin E, beeswax, and edible flavor. .15 oz. tube.


Creamy mango butter is blended with organic passion fruit flavor in this fruity delicious lip balm. Soothes and moisturizes chapped lips with organic coconut oil and vitamin e.  This flavor replaces mango peach. The base ingredients are the same, we have just changed to an organic flavor, so it's all natural now. 0.15 oz. tube. 100% natural.

Bella Des Lip Balm

    Saline, Michigan
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