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The Power of Inversions! Part 2

March 2 (12-1:30, $30) Find out why inversions (of all sorts) are so beneficial!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 30 US dollars
  • East Bennett Street

Service Description

Part 1 Feb 17, 12-1:30 Part 2 March 2, 12-1:30 Yoga inversions are like a magic potion for both the body and the mind, offering a plethora of benefits that extend beyond the physical realm. From a physical standpoint, inversions, such as forward folds, downdog, headstands and handstands, actively engage and strengthen the core, arms, and shoulders, promoting improved balance and stability. As you flip upside down, these poses also enhance circulation, encouraging blood flow to the brain, which can result in increased mental alertness and clarity. Inversions act as a natural mood booster, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety while fostering a sense of calm and relaxation. Additionally, these poses stimulate the lymphatic system, supporting detoxification and immune function. Emotionally, mastering inversions can instill a profound sense of accomplishment and confidence, as you conquer fears and build trust in your own capabilities. So, whether you're seeking physical strength, mental clarity, or a dash of courage, yoga inversions are your ticket to a holistic well-being journey. This will be the second of 2 workshops exploring inversions. In the first, we'll learn about the benefits of inversions and practice some of the more accessible versions. In the second workshop, we'll explore more challenging inversions such as headstands and handstands. We'll invite the use of props (including the wall), so beginners are absolutely welcome.

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  • 135 East Bennett Street, Saline, MI, USA


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