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For real - I had to stop doing some forms of yoga and workouts to save my body. Shoulder pain from incorrect form, back pain from twisting from one pose to another all left me feeling worse than when I started. I tried to keep up but deep down I knew the contortionist act wasn’t doing anything for my body.

Be honest — Have you ever found yourself in MORE pain after class? I know I have. Some yoga practices and workouts are just so hard on the body. Maybe you found yourself injured after doing high intensity vinyasa? Maybe you’ve done one too many squats? Maybe you just know an injury is coming if you keep on pushing the way you are. 

Yoga was originally invented for teenage boys in India. But the needs of the modern woman’s body are so. very. different. Our bodies need relevant, FUNCTIONAL movement to keep us strong and mobile!

When I started doing yoga about 10 years ago, I was curious about the practice and looking for a new way to workout. After my first class, I loved how I moved my body in brand new ways and I felt so good afterwards. I was immediately hooked. 

Several years later, when I dove into teacher training, I was fortunate to have a teacher who approached the physical practice with a mindful, modern perspective. To this day, I gravitate towards teachers who create an experience that is super safe for the body — and by practicing this way, I’ve never felt better.

I never feel “day after soreness." My own back pain has disappeared. I’ve become stronger and more mobile than ever before. 

I continue to educate myself in safe practices in order to pass the knowledge on to students in my classes - allowing them to find all the benefits of the practice. I spend time researching modifications that can be used to make yoga accessible to a wide variety of students. One student told me how props had totally transformed the practice for her. Another shared how she was able to sleep better due to yoga. I share this practice with others because I truly believe that yoga has the power to heal the body AND the mind.

Introducing the Better Backs Program 

This program wilI help people with back pain feel better with improved flexibility, stronger key muscles, and increased ease in their bodies so they can get back to doing all the things they love. 

You can expect to:


  • Learn to recognize where you hold tightness in the body

  • Become aware of the stressors and triggers that cause you to create tension in the body 

  • Learn breathing techniques to bring ease to the body and mind 

  • Use back-safe physical postures to bring balance to the body. 

  • Increase mobility in the body to remove stress from the low back

  • Strengthen muscles that help keep the body supported in alignment

  • Adapt your existing yoga practice to accommodate your unique spine


You'll get: 

  •  A 1:1 intake session to assess what you need most

  •  A written assessment of your movement during daily living activities 

  •  A written plan to address your specific physical pain points  

  • Increased knowledge of the things in your daily life that are contributing to your back pain plus a plan to address them

  •  A weekly live yoga class designed specifically for our group

  •  Daily bite-sized yoga videos to use in the morning and just before bed - 15 minutes max.

  • Weekly feedback on progress during the program. (I’ll check in by e-mail) 

  • A "Moving Forward" plan at the end of the program to maintain your progress

  • A private Facebook group to share things that are working.


Space is limited to 10 participants.   Why wait another day?


The program starts September 14th. 

Your investment in a better back is just $400



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