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move better.
feel better.


Beginner friendly yoga for every phase of life.

At Yogacentric

we help women move their bodies in a way
that is safe, accessible and effective 

so they can feel better and move better  finding balance, energy and joy 

all day - every day

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Hi!  My name is Celia and I'm the owner here at Yogacentric yoga studio.  Along with the other teachers, we look forward to welcoming you to our warm, inclusive, casual studio. We hold community classes in the heart of Saline.

We guide students through a series of mindful movement that will feel just right. 

Not too fast, not too slow - it's just right.


Want an idea of what it looks like to come to the studio?  Take a peak at the video below. 

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Located at 135 E Bennett

Across from Henne Field