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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up for a class?
    First, you will need to create an account through our website (creating an account is easy and free!) by clicking the New to Yogacentric Button. How to create your account Once you have created an account, you can peruse our different pricing options and select the one that is right for you by clicking the About - Pricing Plans tab. You will not be charged automatically -- once you have selected the pricing option that works best for you, you will then be asked to submit your payment information. How to purchase your plan That’s it! From there, click the Schedule tab and sign yourself up for the class that you would like to attend! How to schedule your class
  • How do I get to Yogacentric?
    We are located at 135 E Bennett. Across from Henne field. Look for the yoga sign and the colorful adirondack chairs! Enter through the exterior doors and we're on the right! Come on in :)
  • What should I expect once I get there?
    Great! We’re dressed, signed up and ready to go. When you get to class, you’ll be greeted by the teacher. Introduce yourself, let them know about your experience with yoga. Ask where you should put down your mat. Usually, the teacher sets up at the front of the room and students line up their mats in front of the teacher. You get to choose where you place your mat!
  • I've never done yoga do I know that Yogacentric is right for me?
    At Yogacentric, we are passionate about sharing yoga with everybody who walks through our doors, whether for the first time or the hundredth time. All of our classes are guided by expertly trained teachers who will support you through each class with detailed instruction and modifications to support your specific needs. Our teachers will always care first and foremost about you and your well-being! If you have any specific questions about the classes we offer, or would like some guidance in finding the perfect class for you, please feel free to reach out to us at!
  • What do I need to wear or bring with me?
    Mat - Get a mat, or borrow one if you’re not sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment. We have a few in the studio that we lend out for free. If you do decide to get one, you can get them anywhere - Target, Amazon, Manduka. You don’t need anything fancy - pick a color you like - mine is purple! ​ Water - Bring water, cuz any time you’re moving you want to stay hydrated. Props - Wondering what these wonderful things are? They’re blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets. We use them sometimes in class to help support us and make things super yummy. If you want to get your own, you can get these at the same places as the mat. We have these at the studio to borrow as well. ​ Positive attitude - be ready to experience something new and super great for your body and mind as you meet new people and join a community. ​ What to wear - You don’t need any name brand “yoga” clothes to do yoga. Make sure you choose something you can move in. We always suggest wearing layers, cuz you never know how hot you might get while moving. Wear a supportive bra to keep those ta tas in place. Also wear pants or shorts that stretch and move with you. You might wear a tank or t-shirt on top, but make sure it’s form fitting. We usually do yoga barefoot, but if your feet like to stay snuggly, they make yoga socks! How cool is that? They’re socks with stickies on the bottom to help your feet from slipping while on the mat. Or feel free to wear any socks you like.
  • Do I need to be a member to attend class?
    Nope! We offer a wide range of membership options, from a single drop-in class to monthly unlimited access.
  • What if I have a change of plans, or I am feeling unwell, and I am not able to attend class?"
    Things happen! If you are no longer able to attend your scheduled class, you can log into your account, find your bookings and cancel or reschedule. Or you can email us at and let us know! We can help you reschedule for a different class. Reschedule or Cancel a Booking
  • Where can I keep my belongings, and change before and after class?"
    We have a lobby area where you can hang your coat and leave personal items. There is a bathroom down the hall. There is plenty of room to change if you need to before or after class.
  • Do I need to bring my own mat?
    It's best if you bring your own mat, but if you forget or don't have a mat, we have some for you to borrow.
  • Can I bring my child to class?
    We kindly ask that only those 14 years or older attend the general classes. We do have kids classes that are great for the younger yogi in your life.
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