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Class Descriptions

Looking for a community of friendly individuals to share in your wellness journey? Maybe you're looking to unwind after a long day at work? Wanting to smooth out those crunchy body parts? Wishing you could harness that energy that deserted you long ago?

All classes are fully guided by expertly trained teachers. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced yogi, we’re here to help transform you from the inside out. 


We set the temperature of the room for your comfort and play music to enhance the experience. Allowing you to focus on your practice of connecting with your body and breath—leaving the chaos and judgement outside of the studio space.

We have kids classes that are perfect for the budding yogi in your life.  We kindly ask that any kids under the age of 14 attend only those classes designated for kids.


Read through the classes below—if one sounds like it was made just for you, sign up! The yoga mats (           )are there to help guide you in the level of intensity (Note: All classes are taught with plenty of guidance and options for modifications). 


Melt away the tension with long holding supported poses designed to release stress and tension in the body. We'll use props so the body can open slowly. Each pose will target a specific part of the body to release tightness, creating balance in the body. This experience also supports the release of emotional anxiety and tension allowing us to let go of thought patterns not serving us. Perfect for beginners, those recovering from injury or looking to complement your other fitness practices.



Delight in a series of slow, gentle movements that gently ease your body into stretches and postures. Designed to guide you through a sequence to increase flexibility, improve circulation and mobility, and alleviate muscle tension. Embrace each movement as an opportunity to honor your body's unique needs. Perfect for beginners, those recovering from injury or looking to complement your other fitness practices.


This class is designed for practitioners who are looking to establish a consistent yoga practice or revisit the fundamental principles of yoga. Our experienced instructors will provide an accessible approach, focusing on foundational postures, breath awareness, and mindfulness. You’ll learn how to best align your body with techniques to promote flexibility, strength, and balance. This class is great for beginners and advanced practitioners looking for a balanced daily or weekly practice.


This class is designed for practitioners looking for a sustainable practice.  We’ll begin with some warm ups then move into a nice sequence of standing poses to build strength and heat.  We’ll then move to long holding poses promoting flexibility and mobility in the body. A great balanced class for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Yoga Flow

This class offers a variety of movement ranging from foundational poses to some fun exploration.  All classes will help you to build strength and flexibility leaving you feeling great. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, this class is great for all levels.

Let Go and Flow

This class is a rejuvenating yoga class that focuses on the harmonious blend of gentle movements and deep relaxation. In this class, participants are encouraged to release physical and mental tension as they gracefully transition through a series of fluid poses. You will be guided through mindful breathing techniques, helping to connect from within and find a sense of calm. With soothing music and a serene ambiance, this class provides the perfect opportunity to unwind, improve flexibility, and cultivate a peaceful state of mind.

Slow Flow                   

Immerse yourself in the present moment as you experience the beauty of unhurried transitions as you gracefully flow from one pose to another. Our Slow Flow class offers a carefully curated sequence that allows you to move with awareness, focusing on the connection between breath and movement allowing you to deepen your practice and cultivate a heightened sense of self-awareness. Explore sequences that promote flexibility, strength, and balance leaving behind the rush of the outside world. This class is best for those with some yoga experience or those wanting a stronger physical experience.

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