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The not so secret plan for a yoga class

Did you know?

That we create and sequence yoga classes specifically around a theme, a physical peak pose, a general physical purpose, an energetic purpose, the season, the list goes on and on.

Each class, we prepare the sequence based on something. Every yoga pose is correlated with one or more energy center in the body called chakras. As well, each pose focuses on one or more physical body part. Some areas we might focus on are hips, shoulders, arms, legs and core. Energetically, we might focus on increasing overall energy, or bringing the energy level down. Backbends help open our heart chakra for connection with others, while forward folds create cooling and calming for anxiety.

When it seems like people are feeling a little distracted or flighty, we include lots of grounding poses. Seated poses, standing mountain poses, and of course the warriors. During the summer season, we slow it down a bit with more cooling from forward folds. We can still build strength, but with less moving the body - a nice long hold in plank pose does the trick.

Even a more general well rounded class contains all the components for a great overall practice. A practice that has a pose that touches on each of the chakras might just be why you feel amazing at the end of class. Through the body, we release blocked energy pathways in each of the chakras through the collection of poses.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peak into the teacher’s toolbox.

See you on your mat.

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